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A200 billion dollar a year tax fraud and violations of federal TAX laws,import fraud,counterfeit auto parts.TENS OF THOUSANDS of sellers with MILLIONS of garbage products.This YALLSTORE is one of over 100 owned by the same company in china.They are filling warehouses all over the United States,sent in BULK through customs as gifts or samples to the dealers.Manilla shipping envelopes PRE-PRINTED and PRE-CHECKED as GIFTS(I have a bunch shipped of these envelopes from U.S. cities,claiming USA sellers)and re-labeled through ebay shipping. I have NO chinese friends sending me gifts.

Ebay has been notified on more than 50 occasions in the last 5 years that there is a probem with chinese,india,pakistan,afganistan,and many other forein countrys flooding the ebay marketplace with inferrior,dangerous,products.They ship most of these items to your door with no income tax,sales tax,or import tax being paid.Some sellers have over 1 million sales.all tax free.Any type of electronic goods you can think of,computers and accessorys,tattoo supplys,MEDICAL and surgical supplys,tv,radio,microwaves,any item you can search for,there are hundreds of thousands of these items for sale.Some sellers even state in the add that they will ship SO YOU PAY NO TAXES.HUNDREDS of MILLIONS of COUNTERFEIT AMERICAN auto parts.Paypal payments going to china and the parts shipped from inside the U.S.

There is a loophole in the customs declarations that allow them to ship without import taxes being paid or collected.Tens of Billions of dolars in sales each year,nothing is being checked,nothing UL or FDA approved.These items are shipped through the U.S. postal service,and 99% are shipped FREE. If I send an envelope out of the U.S. it is a MINIMUM $25. They are buying up housingand warehouses in the U.S. and drop-shipping goods by the CARGO CONTAINER to those addresses and relabeling for shipment to your home.These manufacturors,if you contact them and ask about wholesaing 1000 of the goods,they will tell you they will ship as GIFTS or SAMPLES,even if you pay $600 per item.Thier prices are 1/4 of the cost of other of the same goods sold here in the U.S.

Ebay IGNORES this as BUSINESS AS USUAL,because they get 12% of every sale on the site,no matter who sells it,And PAYPAL gets 3% just for transferring the money.

Fraud is rampant,Small business descrimination is the NORM,the more goods you have for sale,the less you have to worry about folowing any federal guidelines,without fear of repercussion.They ignore the big companys,and only the little guy has strikes against thier accounts and thier listings limited to practically nothing.ALL PAY THE SAME FEES.

I dont believe our federal government knows this is happening,and something needs to be done.I noticed this over 8 years ago when the tattoo supplies I was selling began to show up for retail prices 1/4 of the price I was paying wholesale.They put me out of business,and I had to look for different goods to sell.I went to medical steriizers,and now as of 2 years ago,flooded with medical steriizers.This is a complete FRAUD against our economy,our business owners and our country. WE AS AMERICANS CAN STOP THIS BY BOYCOTTING EBAY!!

Reviewer is in unhappy mood. Please immediately contact the author of this review to discuss "tax fraud" of import tax. YallStore needs to "close them down!!" according to poster's claims.

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