YallStore - took my money never send me anything

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I have ordered an OMRON Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor from Yallstore on September 17, 2013. I have paid the full price of the product + shipping charges (totaling $68.89) in advance to Yallstore.

I have not received the product to date.

I have trusted this company because it is featured on ebay, but obviously this is an unprofessional and untrustworthy company that I have been unfortunate to deal with. I have wasted a great amount of time and money and in the end I have nothing, they won't send me the product and they won't return my money.

Monetary Loss: $69.

Yallstore on ebay won't quit spamming me!


I ordered a product from yallstore on ebay and was very happy with it but now they won't quit sending me their email newsletter--sometimes at the rate of one every minute! I can't even get the newsletter to go to my spam folder.

They say they're working on the bug in their system--and have been for 3 months!

I hope this complaint helps someone else.

Meanwhile, I just keep complaining to the seller, ebay, and everyone else I can think of--I just want this time-consuming, annoying issue to go away!

I unsubscribed from the newsletter but that didn't help. It's not a huge issue, but it's one of those little things that just makes life a little more of an unnecessary hassle.

YallStore - $4500 order seized by US Customs

Loveland, Colorado 0 comments

Jerry is a theif, I ordered $4500 for QTY 200 Apple iPod Touch 4 digitizers. US Customes seized the shipment because they infringed on the Apple copyright. Yallstore accepted no responsibility and has not refunded ANY of my $4500.00

They are thiefs making very low quality parts that don't fit the application and violating US Customs standards with every shipment. They will take your money and you will never hear from them again. I am taking them to court and will update after.

Avoid all their sites and stores:





jerry.van@hotmail.com spam this as much as you can.

Monetary Loss: $4500.

YallStore - They are Crooks

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Purchased a Tablet didn't work. 14 days after I got it they sent another one, this one lasted less than 6 months warranty is for 1 year each time I had to pay for return and now they want me to send them 30.00 and pay for return.

If you want good service this is not the place.

I will be attending a Baptist National Convention in St. Louis Missouri and I will express my concern about this company and recommend that this company be band from all Churches and Pastors and there congregations until they are able to show there concern also will report them to the Better Business Bureau.

Monetary Loss: $175.


Wellington, Florida 0 comments

Tried to return Bra that I bought from Y'allstore on eBay and they replied (via email) that they didn't have the size I wanted to swap to - automatically creating a situation that would cost me a 15% RESTOCKING FEE IF THE ITEM WAS NOT SWAPPED FOR ANOTHER - THEY HAVE 10 BRAS AVAILABLE TO SWAP INTO AND THEY KNOW IT - THEY TOLD ME TO RESELL THE ONE THAT THEY SHIPPED ME INSTEAD!!! PETTY FRAUDULENT SELLER/ RETAILER


Monetary Loss: $30.

YallStore - Worse ebay seller I dealt with

Port Louis, Port Louis 1 comment

Tablet was ordered in November, it arrived in December and was defective. Item was sent back and seller agreed to give replacement. Replacement was NEVER sent...To send the item back, I had to pay the shipping fees and I lost money for nothing. I just hope that one day Yallstore will pay in one way or the other for not being honest!

And I doubt the seller is american, the english is so poor...I could barely understand their mails...Shame on the company!

Yallstore is a liar and cheater. They don't reply to any mails...BEWARE...if you don't receive your item within 45days or received a defective item, just ask for refund!

Monetary Loss: $185.


Sao Paulo, Sao Paulo, Brazil #661200

This seller is an great BULL *** !!!

I bought the item below on April 26 and until now, June06 my package was not received ! Contacting them by e-mail, they ask me to contact PayPal since I have paid the item as a guest user, PayPal inform that payment was not received by them and my MASTER CARD was charged at the same day in the amount of USD 26.49.

were is my money? I want my Master Card refunded !!! See below:

Seller: yallstore ( 860567)

Contact seller

Paid on Apr-26-13 via PayPal

Mini Covert Camera Alarm Clock Record Motion Detection Nanny Cam DVR

190830329254 - Price: US $22.50


Having a problem with this purchase? We can help

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Standard Int'l Shipping : US $4.99

Estimated delivery: Varies*

You can contact the seller for more information.

Package 1 of 1

Shipment details: NK0000398017

US $22.50

Yallstore tries to bribe customers

Abu Dhabi, Abu Dhabi 0 comments
Not resolved

So I purchased a kitchen sink, I received pretty quick but the sink was damaged but not from shipping. There was holes in the welds and the corners were not polished, so the same day I contacted them they were quick at first but he funny thing was that they were blaming it on the shipping wich is BS.

So if I was to keep it they would give me $7. All I wanted was a good sink. They asked me to wait for fed ex to that it would take a couple of days, I waited 2 weeks so I had no choice but to have my sink repaired it cost $150. So I gave them bad feedback on there ebay page then they had the sudden urge to contact me and tell me that I could return the sink for a full refund.

I let them know of what I had done so they tried rewarding me with $25 but only if I would revise the feedback. I told them "keep your $25 I will not revise the feedback"

Monetary Loss: $350.


Greensboro, North Carolina 2 comments


ordered iPhone 4 CDMA replacement screen on Jan 6 when it came in it was for GSM. wouldn't fit e-mailed them took them 3 days of BS emails before they ever sent a return label. needless to say but now its Jan 23 still no screen. oh but they did "offer" me a $5 discount for my troubles if that was OK with me!!!

its says they are in Brooklyn NY but that is an alias as they are operating out of China. they put USA seller just to get more business.checked their eBay reviews seems they make this "mistake" often. these people are a scam!!!!

stay away!! stay far away!!"

Monetary Loss: $30.



I did do some research (because I purchase different items for my smoke shop from China) and was directed by one of my clients that they are based in China.

For their page information, it is listed here: http://www.dhgate.com/store/14501483#st-navigation-storehome

Philipsburg, St. Maarten, Netherlands Antilles #585326

Yallstore is indeed a scam, when I ordered a New 7" Touch Screen MID Android 2.3 Tablet PC 1GHz 4GB WIFI Flash 10.1 Camera #120948707336.

The item never arrived and never did I receive any refund of any sort.

Yallstore kept jerking me around for months with lies, misinformation and more empty promises.

My suggestion; when you run into Yallstore....RUN!

YallStore - Took my money never send me anythingand the numbers i have dont work anymore

Madison, Wisconsin 1 comment

yall took my money and never send me anything,and all the numbers we have dont work anymore,and yall disappeared from tv,but i want my money back

i will never know how riddex pusle work they never sent me my pugles to try so i wouldnt know how they work but they want me to put a 100words on the web about them,what do i have to say about but can i get my money back and yes,i will be give yall a call asap.i really dont have anymore to say but dont waste your money because this aint nothing but a scam,scam,scam,scam,scam,scam,scam,scam,scam,scam,scam


Dar Es Salaam, Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania #656267

i bought new 9'capacitive 8gb 4.0 android item no 190776582286,since 28 march up to now i have not received the item

Gadget Town/Yallstore/Hi-PC are Liars and Crooks

Caulfield, Missouri 4 comments

I made an eBay purchase from Hi-PC which was shipped from Yallstore which PayPal identified as Gadget Town. The sent the wrong item which was worthless junk.

They admitted it was not what I ordered and insisted that they could not fill the order because they did not have the items. At the time they were telling that lie they had many (more than a dozen) open listings for the item that I ordered and paid for.

They seem to get their jollies by jerking the buyer around and seeing how enraged they get. Maybe they have a contest where the representative that produces the most pissed customer gets a bonus.



purchased two items from them one was a shutter release for my camera what i reieved was not even the same brand or style as what was listed was compensated 2 dollars for a 4 dollar purchase other purchase was for a macro tube set for sony alpha recieved item and it did not fit on my camera they sent a second item free of charge the second item still doesnt fit they want me to send the items back for a refund will cost 7 dollars to send on a 8.50 item very unhappy with them....DO NOT BUY FROM THEM


ordered and paid for off camera flash cord for nikon from Hi-pc. received one for canon eos.

it took almost 4 weeks to get from the US to Australia. ( i've had items from hong kong in 3 days.) now they want me to pay return postage on the incorrect item before they send the correct one.

it is in the hands of ebay now. considering the number of complaints about this dodgey supplier on the web, i'm supprised they have a rating with ebay.


Y'all Store (weird name,like "hey Y'all, get over here!")

had a thumb drive for $6.99 on eBay with option to "make offer". I made an "offer" for $6.00 even.

They "counter-offered" for $6.97!! :?

What? .03 cents is what they will come down to? WOW!

I though they would at least counter for $6.50 and meet me half way. Needless to say, I purchased the thumb drive a buy.com, to heck with this so called "counter offer" business, waste of time.


I made a best offer for 8 items, When you make your best offer you can type in your terms. I requested specific shipping terms and after several counter offers simply to clarify shipping details they accepted my terms, however now they are telling me they are not honoring the terms and want over $70 more for shipping. I am still concerned that the items might not be as described or work once and if the shipping dispute is resolved and they actually ship the items.

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