Caulfield, Missouri

I made an eBay purchase from Hi-PC which was shipped from Yallstore which PayPal identified as Gadget Town. The sent the wrong item which was worthless junk.

They admitted it was not what I ordered and insisted that they could not fill the order because they did not have the items. At the time they were telling that lie they had many (more than a dozen) open listings for the item that I ordered and paid for.

They seem to get their jollies by jerking the buyer around and seeing how enraged they get. Maybe they have a contest where the representative that produces the most pissed customer gets a bonus.

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purchased two items from them one was a shutter release for my camera what i reieved was not even the same brand or style as what was listed was compensated 2 dollars for a 4 dollar purchase other purchase was for a macro tube set for sony alpha recieved item and it did not fit on my camera they sent a second item free of charge the second item still doesnt fit they want me to send the items back for a refund will cost 7 dollars to send on a 8.50 item very unhappy with them....DO NOT BUY FROM THEM


ordered and paid for off camera flash cord for nikon from Hi-pc. received one for canon eos.

it took almost 4 weeks to get from the US to Australia. ( i've had items from hong kong in 3 days.) now they want me to pay return postage on the incorrect item before they send the correct one.

it is in the hands of ebay now. considering the number of complaints about this dodgey supplier on the web, i'm supprised they have a rating with ebay.


Y'all Store (weird name,like "hey Y'all, get over here!")

had a thumb drive for $6.99 on eBay with option to "make offer". I made an "offer" for $6.00 even.

They "counter-offered" for $6.97!! :?

What? .03 cents is what they will come down to? WOW!

I though they would at least counter for $6.50 and meet me half way. Needless to say, I purchased the thumb drive a, to heck with this so called "counter offer" business, waste of time.


I made a best offer for 8 items, When you make your best offer you can type in your terms. I requested specific shipping terms and after several counter offers simply to clarify shipping details they accepted my terms, however now they are telling me they are not honoring the terms and want over $70 more for shipping. I am still concerned that the items might not be as described or work once and if the shipping dispute is resolved and they actually ship the items.

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